Officially this should probably be “moving- day three” but friday I spent most of the day just packing and didn’t really move anything at all. Saturday we got most of those things out, as you read.

Forgive me as I’m just a tad bit delirious. I waited till after moving all day, coming home, running out to the store, picking up dinner, watch “America’s Most Smartest Model”, “The Amazing Race 12”, “Desperate Housewives”, and “The Shot” before typing this. I technically should be in bed right now considering I have to be up by 5am but what the heck. I need to keep my updates going. lol. I just didn’t think about it till right now.

Today went really well. We finished up the cleaning out the garage and then added in getting alot of the boys’ things moved over there. We also cleaned out the roomie’s and most of our closets as well. It doesn’t sound like much but I wish I really had got a picture of our garage and the multitude of things that were living there. Hopefully, at our new much larger space they will find life past sitting in a cold space.

I am so excited that my comic books get to come back out in the open. They’ve been living in boxes insider our closet for these past months and it’s been killing me. I can’t wait to put them back on the shelves and be able to pull them out for re-reading.

We all have to go back to work tomorrow but we may end up moving more stuff tomorrow. Right now the plan is to do more packing in preparation for Tuesday evening moving. But we could also come in and start unpacking the items we’ve already put into place there. For me, personally, I can’t see organizing anything until we move the items we use regularly. All we’ve really moved is the stuff that went into forced hibernation because of our space restrictions.

I let the beau know that once all our regular stuff is in place. Then, the extra un-needed items can be worked into the space. Doesn’t make much sense to do it without that. Although I could stand to work some closet-management. Many of the things may end up living there so designating space would be advantageous early.

But, seriously I may spend most of tomorrow packing some more. I have a ton of books to pack up. Finish cleaning up the closet and packing up the computer desk and my work area. Long days ahead indeed.