Well, let me tell you that moving the majority of two separate families items from that small house has been a bigger task than even I have suspected. Monday and Tuesday we worked to finish up the garage full of items and then moving a lot of the bulk stuff for the roomie and her boys. These days both the beau and I were working during the day, so we were not able to get to the moving till later in the evening.

Wednesday comes along and I had planned to have the day off because the cable guy was supposed to be coming to turn on the cable, phone and internet here at the new place. The set time was supposed to be between 1-3pm. I set up one load at the other house and came back to the new house (we had planned on being able to sleep in the new house that night), set up everything accordingly for the beau and unpacked some things while awaiting the arrival of the beau around 9am or so.

The beau gets there about 930ish and he sets up the electronics I sat out for him so that we can make sure the cable and junk works when it is finished. By the time we’re finished with all our tasks, we see it’s 1130 and we’re not sure we can get to the old house, load up, and be back within an hour and a half. I unpack some more and the beau goes out to blow leaves, fix the toilet and lubricate some squeaky hinges.

Long story short on this day, the cable guy was supposed to be here between 1-3pm.

3pm came and no cable guy.
I call cable company to find out what’s going on.
As I’m on hold I get a beep from an unknown number.
I don’t answer it since I’m hold.
Nice lady I’m talking to tells me that the person is going to be between 30-45min late.

I think to myself, it’s already 3oclock and past the two hour grace period given. I’m a schedule-minded person myself and I’m going crazy at this point. This is my last day off this week and the day I was meant to get a load of moving done! I’ve been here since 1130 waiting on the guy and it’s now 3pm and no sign of him.

The dude finally shows at around 4ish.
Takes till close to 8pm to get everything finished with all the weird wiring around the place.


My day off meant to be moving tons of stuff was spent from 1130-8pm under the spell of the cable guy. The beau had to be there because he has all the technical know-how and knows what needs to be done, and I had to be there because the account’s in my name and I had to sign for the thing when it was finished. So *sigh*, we were both stuck.

I was nearly crying by the end of this whole stint because I thought there was no way in heck we’d get back to the old house, load up all our beds and be able to clean up and sleep in the new place.

Frustrated with the total waste of a day off I had, I was so aggravated that everything that I had planned to get done was so feebly taken over by something I thought was so simple as turning on the cable.

I end up deciding to call my superior at work and see if he’ll give me tomorrow off to do what I couldn’t get done on that day.

I was so in luck because he totally let me have it off.


The beau is tired and needs some additional rest before running out to the house again. He’s had three back surgeries and today’s main task consists of the refridgerator and washer/dryer. Not easy on the back to say the least.

We get to the house and load up a ton more than what I had expected to get at such a late time. And by the time I’m sitting here typing this we have pretty much everything of substantial importance here and in use. It feels good.

I’m very lucky to have my hard-working beau, co-workers who can understand the rare real-life concerns I may have, and the focus I have in organization and planning things out.

I really need to head to bed as I need to be at work at 6 and this will be the first time I’ve tried making the trip from the new place.

Thanks for reading the post. Not too insightful, just a retelling of the highlights of the past few hellacious days.