I love when you pay for a trail/breakfast mix and what you really get is raisins with a little bit of something else tossed in there.

But anyways, I got alot of cleaning and chores finished yesterday. Everything bill-wise came to a halt with me because the beau needs to have a hand finishing them.

Financial times are going to be tough I know that much. After shelling out the large sum we needed for the deposit and prorated rent for the month last week, we only had my meager check to pay for what should have been paid last week. And I only say meager becuase my check is the one that gets all the insurance taken out of it…so it’s definitely the lower of the two. *sigh*

Needless to say we’re going to be living on bird crumbs. Well, really we’re not because I went grocery shopping. But because I went grocery shopping we’re going to be living with like nothing until the beau’s next check. I had to sit and meditate after realizing what I had done. We did need the food since I had not been food shopping in ages it seems like.

On the brighter side I did get our part of the house super clean. I mopped, vacuumed, and dusted and it really didn’t feel like it took all that much time. Having the actual room to get about and easily clean everything totally makes a difference versus tripping and climbing over all kinds of things trying to achieve the same.

I’m back on my regular gym schedule starting monday of this week and it feels great. The gym I moved to is not as busy as the others and so I get quality time with all my favorite machines, benches and dumbbells.

I got to be heading to work here in a second. Wish me luck in this coming week and bring me wishes of great fortune ^^