Just a quick note to say how my holiday went.

Saturday at my uncle’s went well. We missed out last year because the message of the date and time came too late for me to request off at work. Everyone was so happy for the beau and I making it this year, although a few made it sound like it was my choice or that I did not do enough to come out. They didn’t say that really, but I can sense it in the undertones of some things they said. But otherwise it was a great evening. My sister acted a fool, like always. My aunt made a wonderful meal of ham and all the fixings.

Christmas Eve we hosted a party at our new home. The beau’s mother, my parents and sister, and the roomie’s parents all came by and we all had a huge dinner. It was odd having all our parents there because they just seemed to be from different lifestyles and generations. I think it was a humbling experience for my dad. My parents loved the place and my dad liking it really surprised me. Usually, he’s the first one with criticisms but everything out of his mouth was positive. The night ended with the roommate’s boys opening all their gifts with the central gift being a game table with pool, air hockey and ping-pong options. I might just make use of that. : P

We also deep-fried our first turkey. Twas quite an experience. Went rather smoothly considering I was bombarding the beau with “what ifs.” Quite tasty I have to say as well. I’m not sure I’m gonna say it was worth all the money we spent to prepare for it, but the experience did.

Christmas day we went to the beau’s family dinner and it went well also. His sister’s boys are growing up fast…already 19 and 21. Time flies.

We then proceeded onto my family’s official dinner. Not really anything special. A decent dinner my sister made, not great…a whole lot of canned foods. The atmosphere was a complete turn-around from years past though. Everyone was in a pleasant and cheerful mood. It’s usually awkward for some reason, but everything was my relaxed.

This holiday I came out with a lot of money for gifts. I’m kind of disappointed at that considering I’m probably going to be using it for bills. Bah, I’d rather get a tea-cozy or a gift card…so I don’t have to feel this need to use the cash for responsible needs.

The highlight gift actually came from my dad this year. I asked for a mini-fridge for our new home and by gosh he got one. I haven’t seen it yet because he didn’t bring it to my mom’s due to the rain. But whatever the size or shape, it will definitely be useful! We’re going to run by his house sometime tomorrow with the beau’s truck to pick it up.

Sorry for the quick post without a whole lot of description. I need to be heading to bed soon. Have to be at work at 4am in the morn. It’s funny, the holiday decorations went up immediately after Halloween but can’t stay out a hair after the 25th.

Oh wells, hope you all had a great holiday!!