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I’ve been kinda wanting to touch on a brief quirk I’ve noticed with the duo of Rachel and Brendon from last season and this season of Big Brother.  It’s a little past due considering Brendon has already been evicted twice but I’m sure we’ll see a little more of it considering Rachel is still in the house and getting by like a roach through an atomic blast (not saying she’s a roach, just that she’s a survivor where others probably wouldn’t have made it).

The thing I’ve found interesting about Rachel this season is how dependent she’s become on Brendon versus last season and all the emotional breakdowns she’s had.  It’s pretty obvious that the way she was portrayed on last season has really affected her and she’s had to rely on him for a lot of emotional support through it all.  She seems very conflicted on who she should be.  Always reverting back to her usual self and then slapping her hand metaphorically when she gets called out on it.

What I’ve also found pretty interesting is the vast differences in her diary room bits.  It’s so polemic that it makes me worry about her sometimes.  When she’s in a good position in the “game,” she’s uber confident and smack-talking.  When she or a member of her alliance are in trouble, she will break down and turn into this victimized vegetable. For someone who talks as if she is a veteran of the game, she continually forgets that alot of the remarks made about her are because of the “game” she’s playing.  I believe her to be a very sad individual inside and probably has tons of issues of self-worth and self-esteem.  Brendon is a very strong and caring person to help her through these issues.

Love her or hate her, I feel for her in many ways.  She’s very much like my sister tends to be in many cases.  When things are going good for her, she will scream it from the mountains to make sure people know she’s done something right and becomes a bully of sorts dealing with power she probably hasn’t ever really had over others.  And when she’s down, she believes everyone to be against her and that nothing she does is ever right.  I can also very much sympathize as I’ve had many issues with my self-esteem and still do to this day.

She’s good for television but I hope her transition out of this season of BB will go smoothly for her.  With my favorite Danielle out of the house now, I’m kind of rooting for her to do an underdog kind of win.

I’ve also loved all the talk Rachel/Brendon and Jeff have been saying about people not playing their own “games,” when really what they’re saying is “playing a game that works against theirs” lol.


On other news, the beau and I wandered out to McD’s around the corner to have a bite and ran into an interesting lady.  Short, late 40s/maybe early 50s, loosely dressed in a baggy shirt, shorts and a visor.  Picked up on the gaydar right away and began talking with us like she’s known us for years.  She was also very high on something as her balance was very off and she didn’t smell like liquor or beer.  She was very nice considering the awkward conversations she struck up with us as she invited herself over to our table and wondered where she could find a spot in the Nashville area to go and find hot women (you know, since we’d be the expert of that lol).

We didn’t have much to tell her considering we weren’t really sure how to handle her and so we did a lot of talk around, not saying much but saying just enough to keep her happy in the state she was in.  She ended up leaving the building and we finished our meal.  As we were walking out the door we see her walking back towards us in the parking lot and we both look at each other like, “yeah, we know what’s coming next.”

Apparently, the guy who had brought her there had left and she asked if we could give her a ride (as we thought was going to happen).  It was relatively close and reluctantly we gave her the ride.  She did have issues getting in the vehicle due to her balance and we had to help her get her seatbelt on, but we got her home safely to the apartment buildings just up from where we live.  She was in no condition to go walking down a busy street so I’m glad we decided to take her.  We didn’t even get her name but she was nice enough.  I don’t know anything about her situation but I can only hope it gets better for her.  Does that make sense?