Yesterday I was finally able to speak with my training director at the gym about Kirsti abruptly moving on and once again not having a trainer.  I got to the gym about 2:30 in the afternoon, at a time when I usually notice him there and to my surprise he’s actually not.  I run to the front desk and ask when he’s supposed to be back in and the girl said that he was on his way back from whatever diversion it was.

He tends to be rather social around the gym so I wanted to catch him before he hooked up with anybody and I would keep from having to break up anything.  I took a seat at the little table that’s close to the shake bar and waited for about 30minutes and he still hadn’t showed yet.  He’s bound to show up at some point, so I just remain diligent.

I decided to go ahead and start my workout as I’d already had my pre-workout drink and wanted to take advantage of it.  I made it a legs and arms (bis,tris and shoulders) day and strategically placed myself to where I could keep a good eye on the entrance or his office.  I got through my leg and bicep workouts without a hitch, had just started on triceps when I spied him come in and I swooped in right away.

He’s starting to walk out of his office again as I approach and he’s got a huge grin on his face as if to say, “yup, I know what’s coming.”  And then something different happened… he’s a nice enough guy but he usually had traces of cockiness and a kind of schmarmy nature when you talk to him.  But this time when I confront him about my whole training situation and my concerns about what it is I’m paying for and how I don’t feel I’d achieved that or gotten my money’s worth, he didn’t react in the way in which I was prepared.  He didn’t do a lot of talk around, didn’t give me statements that were going to hang in a nebulous somewhere and I wouldn’t have any definites how things were going to impress or improve.  I was prepared to cancel my training and move on by myself.

But he actually humbled himself, opened himself up to discussion and admitted the flaws in the situation and for that I really commend him.  He also gave immediate solution, at least for me.  He’s definitely taking me on as a trainee starting next week which is the situation my first trainer John said he wanted me in from the beginning.  Training directors are only supposed to train a couple individuals a week as their job is more delegating and administrative but he wants to be sure to give me stability.  Out of all the resolutions I had played in my head, this was the one that seemed the least likely as he had turned me down about training before I was placed with Kirstie.  Yet, this is the one he immediately went to and it felt more genuine than anything else I’ve heard him say to me.

Chris isn’t going anywhere and I definitely know he knows his stuff about training.  I also know from Kirstie that he is a tough trainer too.  So I have my work cut out for me.  Thank God this situation has cleared up for me somewhat and I wish him the best of luck cleaning up after and working with all the other training folks who got left in the dust too.  That in itself is a tough job to do.