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     More of an update about my training at the gym.  Getting a hold of Chris (the training director) has been a tough thing to do.

Just as a catch up, Kirstie canceled my session with her last Monday. That following Tuesday I got a text from her saying that she wasn’t going to be with the gym anymore and that Chris would get with us about setting up for new training.

Since I went ahead and came in on Monday to work out, I didn’t get back to the gym until Thursday and by that time I still hadn’t heard anything from him,  In my previous post I described how the conversation went when I finally did corner him.

I didn’t have my schedule yet to set up my training dates and by Friday I had it and texted him when the best times for me would be.  I don’t hear from him until the following Saturday and then he only addressed the first date.  The second date was still up in the air, and it annoys me as I like to get all those dates set so I can plan around it all.  I sent a prompting text and stayed patient and diligent and don’t receive a response text until this morning.  But thankfully, we got it all figured out.

Now through all this, I was taking a very negative spin on things and was thinking very seriously about just canceling my training.  Things weren’t organized in the fashion that I would have liked.  He’s not handling his trainers well, and he’s not very good with communication.  It’s hard to get a hold of him, and it’s difficult to talk details as he’s a very bread and butter/black and white kind of communicator.

This morning, when I finally got things settled, I took a deep breath and thought about my need to be patient.  Ironically, the last sermon series we went through was a segment devoted to communication and how you can’t expect everyone to communicate in the same way that you do.  Some people are more detail and schedule oriented (like me), some are more relaxed and impromptu about things (like him).

At the end of the day, this is about me getting effectively trained and from everyone that I’ve spoken to about this and that has worked with Chris…he is a VERY effective trainer.  He does his job in that sense well, and really that’s the part that I should be concerned over.  Not the fact that it may take me a bit longer to get things scheduled with him than my previous trainers.  Kirstie was super easy to communicate and schedule with, but her training wasn’t very effective as she was very much a novice.  Thinking about it, I’m getting a better deal out of it all, I just may need to work a little harder getting things scheduled, but from reputation my money seems like it’s going to be better spent.

So, when you’re frustrated with things, take a step back and take a look at the person you’re frustrations are with.  Is it really as bad as you’re making it?  On the surface, it looked that way to me.  But once I took a step back, it really isn’t as difficult as I’ve made it.  Just dealing with a different type of person as myself, and we do that every day.