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     Just a light post for me tonight.  I finally watched Sunday night’s episode of Big Brother and it has to be my favorite of the season.  It was a lot lighter episode than usual with minimal drama.  The highlight of the episode was Rachel opening Pandora’s Box, unleashing Tori Spelling onto the rest of the houseguests (with Adam being a huge 90210 fan), and unleashing past-season BB houseguest, Jessie Godderz, on herself.

The whole string of scenes from Tori getting a tour of the house, to the others getting to have a 3minute grab-all-you-can clothing spree was just plain fun to watch.  The part I loved watching the most was Rachel’s reactions to the whole thing.  She was actually very un-Rachel-like.  I found her kinda cute and sweet during it all.

     And I have to admit, I enjoyed Jessie popping back into the house again.  His initial season I found him kind of annoying.  His second season, I kinda liked him.  But the past few seasons where he’s just played a funny part in the Pandora’s Box segments (I bet he becomes a staple almost like the leotards lol), I have really come to like him and in a weird way, respect him.  He’s put a lot of hard work into his body and fitness career and he definitely has made a mark for himself in television…even now actually going to do the whole pro wrestling deal.  He’s kinda cute and charming in his own particular way too.  He can laugh at himself as well which means he has a decent sense of humor and a great idea of how he is viewed.  Check out his website here and give him some love.

Good episode and good times. ^^