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The season finale of season 6 of America’s Got Talent will soon be happening.  Although I don’t really watch the show as adamantly as most, I used to at one point and still catch a few episodes here and there when the beau and I go to visit our older lady friends.  It’s almost always on their television when we pop in on our usual Wednesday nights.  The youngest is 62, while the mother is 83.

They’re almost always cooing at everything that’s going on within the show and with good reason.  The show does manage to bring to light a wide variety of talented folks with an even wider array of varying talents.  What has burned me from the show is that even though the show offers in all these different acts, it’s still a singer’s contest to win.  I’ve found it hard for myself to cheer on any of my favorite acts when I know that ultimately the decision will go toward a singer and leave the others in the dust.

Now I’m sure the spotlight given to all these other acts is more than enough to get backers for the worthy among them and a chance to bring their individual shows to the masses.  Which is still all the better for everyone right?  Well, I still prefer to keep the promises of the show in mind and having singers win (or at least individual singers) kinda goes against that.

Singers winning is kinda being safe in my opinion and a bit boring.  I might as well be watching American Idol, The Voice, The X-Factor, The Sing-Off, Karaoke Battle USA, Don’t Forget the Lyrics, Nashville Star…the list can go on.  I want to see a truly unique act win that Vegas show, something that’s worthy of the prize and not just another singer to add to the mix.

Don’t get me wrong, I love most of these singing competitions and love me some new prime artists.  But the shows above deliver what they tell us they will, singers.  AGT gives the opportunity for wildly different talents to come to the forefront but yet, none of them have actually won…we just get more singers.  All I can say is America, look at the show itself and step out of your comfort zone (which in this case is singing) and put your money on something just a bit more daring.

All five past winners were singers of some form…yes, even season two’s Terry Fator.  Even though his routine was also combined with impressions and ventriloquy, it at it’s very essence is still a singing performance.  I would love to see Silhouettes or Team iLuminate take the show, but according to the patterns of the past, Landau Eugene Murphy, Jr. will probably take it.  I think he’s an amazing singer but I want to see acts that otherwise would not have this chance anyplace else take off.

Here’s my pick, but you’re free to make up your own minds!