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Well, the beau has headed out for another show.  Thankfully it’s a short one and I’ll have him back sometime in the morning.  Nice!  When he was heading out I wanted to help him bring his stuff down.  He said that he didn’t have much so need to worry about it.  I was like, “You just think I’m doing this for you, I’m doing this for me. I have a pattern and like to see my baby off.”  He just smiled and gave me a kiss.  It was a great moment.

I grabbed his changes of clothes and we walked down to the car.  He loaded it all up, and we had our usual departure kiss and hug.  As I walked back up to the deck, I always stand on it looking out as his car backs up out of the driveway.  He gives me his usual ILY sign as he does so and I smile and return the affectionate sign.  Then I walk back in and anticipate his return and the rest of me day.

Such a simple routine, but one that helps me through the day and his travels.