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Omg, it just hit me that one of my favorites starts once again tonight.  I can’t wait!

I’ve always been a big enthusiast of Podcasts and for years I have listened to one particular Survivor-themed one every season and that is the “Survivor Fans Podcast”, you can find it on Itunes.  They have great fan interaction shows, great recaps of the shows itself and run a Survivor Fantasy League game right along side it.  I play said fantasy league every season and totally enjoy it.

Before the season starts everyone who plays has to select someone as their USB (Ultimate Survivor Bonus), the person who we want to bet on that wins this game.  And then every week, we also select one person we think will be voted off, and another 4 to get safe points off of.  You try and gain as mainy points off those folks you feel aren’t leaving right away but won’t be long for the end of game as it continually progresses.

Anyways, the last few seasons I’ve taken a bold step in chosing my USB.  Instead of looking at bios or listening to their cheesy videos, I just look at their profile picture and judge from there what kind of person and player they can be.  Here is my selection, though I’m not using her actual Survivor photo, but one that I found after investigating who she is in the working world.  My thoughts on her initially were that she looks very social, intelligent and athletic and that’s why I chose her.

Little did I know that she was a former Playboy cover model, or a lingerie football league player.  If I had known that it would have skewed my thoughts on her as a player and I’m glad I didn’t .  The last few people I chose with this method didn’t win, but they did make it to the final 4 the last 3 out of 4 seasons.   I’m still confident in her right now, and playing this league keeps me so motivated during the show.  Go Mikayla!