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Yesterday after I got off work, the beau and I made a bee-line straight to go see the ladies whom I’ve mentioned off and on here in the blog.  I had mentioned earlier in a post (This one.) that although I didn’t really make it a priority to watch America’s Got Talent as a part of my regular watching experience, the ladies really enjoy watching the show.  The finale just happened to be that night and both of us were quite eager to see which of the acts would take that prime spot in Vegas.

I was a firm supporter of iLuminate to take it, but also made the prediction that based on all the previous winners, this one would be no different.  I soooo wanted to be wrong, but alas, just as I thought, Landau Eugene Murphy Jr. did indeed win.  So I will officially rename the show America’s Got Singers and be done with it.  It was a big downer for us all, as the ladies were pulling for Silhouettes.

I do think the producers prepped for this announcement though, by bringing in former host Jerry Springer to say that all the acts were going to be featured in Vegas.  They knew the results and definitely did not want to lose those other 2 much more deserving acts. Sorry PopLyfe, you’re kinda cool but you really didn’t impress me at all…not Vegas show material.   I can just picture them looking at the results beforehand going “Crap, another singer!  What are we supposed to do around him??”


Sadly, the ladies have one of those converter boxes and CBS is not a channel they can get *cry*.  So I didn’t get to watch the first episode of Survivor: South Pacific until tonight.  Loving the cast, I do have to admit.  Much more intriguing personalities, and the addition of Ozzie and Coach is comforting as they’ll be interesting but definitely not the showboats Rob and Russell were in the last.

Not loving that Brandon Hantz has picked out my girl Mikayla as a threat so early, but hopefully his shady tattoo hiding will unveil his Hantz legacy and put him on the fryer.  It might just be the editing, but it sure sounded like he’s intimidated by her solely because he’s attracted to her and afraid of interacting with that temptation.   She’s looking good right now otherwise.  Her athleticism definitely came out during the immunity challenge and she definitely showed that she’s a team player while building the shelter.

In my last post I mentioned that in my Survivor fantasy league I had fared pretty decently on my winner selections, saying that 3 out of 4 of them ended up in the final four by my “don’t read bios, just pick by impression” style. I decided to take a stroll down memory lane and remind myself of these folks I put all my cards on. I found that I probably exaggerated just a tiny bit without realizing.  So take this stroll with me.  I first started the fantasy league during Survivor: Gabon.

 Crystal Cox – Gabon 6th place.

For some reason I thought I remembered her being fourth but oh wells.  I remember how I thought she was going to dominate and then she just imploded from day one.  They kept her around though, even if she was worthless in the competitions.  It was fun rooting for her and exciting with every episode that she dodged a bullet for me for the sake of my league life. lol

Erinn Lobdell – Tocantins 3rd place. 

I’m not sure what it was about her that drew me, but I remember being very sure and quick about my decision.  She was another one that I had fun rooting for because she was constantly on the outs but somehow scraped by every time until the final 3.  She was rather witty and insightful too, love that!

Ashley Trainer – Samoa 15th place.

My girl here didn’t last too long.  She was an early victim of Russell’s first appearance.  I remember she got off on the wrong foot with Russell by turning down an alliance I do believe, and we’re all familiar with how Russell feels about girls who try to play their own game.  She scraped by for a few episodes and I was biting my nails each time.

Cirie Fields – Heroes v. Villains 17th place.

*Sigh*  Cirie was supposed to go soooo far in my original predictions.  She has such good social game and is so non-threatening in the challenge area, I thought she’d be able to play puppetmaster.  Unfortunately Tom Westman put a nail in her coffin early.  I cried many tears.

Matthew “Sash” Lenahan Nicaragua 3rd place.

Doing this list, I just realized he’s the first guy I have ever picked as my USB.  It was fun watching him work.  I sat back during the first half of the season and marveled as he and Brenda ran the show on their tribe.  And then Brenda decided to let herself get voted out.  He was a pro keeping himself alive after being executioner for so long.  Too bad the jury didn’t appreciate the game he played.  He did a super job.

Andrea Boehlke Redemption Island 5th place

Omg, I love the scrappers I’m coming to find out.  Another one that early on got targeted as Rob really disliked her getting close with surfer boy Matt.  I was crazy every time that Rob’s tribe went to tribal.  She managed to keep herself above water for quite a while and proved she was a competitor giving swift competition in the individual immunities.  So fun to watch.

Mikayla Wingle South Pacific n/a

And my current girl.  Once again, I’ve managed to pick one that is targeted early on (at least through editing).  Hoping she’ll claw her way forward as well.  She didn’t appear to be in Coach’s five around the campfire during the first episode, but that five may not be together for too long depending on how the tribe takes Brandon’s lineage.  *crosses fingers*

UPDATE *** My girl got voted out at a very early sixth out.  Brandon and Coach was ultimately her demise, even if he doesn’t want to admit it.  Grrrr.

So at the end of the day I should probably amend that statement and go with 6th or better/late merge-y.  Anyway, it’s just a game, but it makes watching the show so much more fun!

Any thoughts on this or past Survivors?