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I came across this song on Sunday as part of our morning worship service dealing with the day’s topic.  It’s a beautiful song with great lyrics.   It pretty much makes you stop and consider how self-centered we tend to make our days and our lives.   Realistically, we all NEED to think about ourselves and what’s best for us in most cases….but we do tend to forget that there are other people around us who we might be able to benefit or aid in some way.

It doesn’t always have to mean the extremes of giving (such as monetary gifts for those financially hurting or volunteering your time to those in need), though those are always appreciated.  Really, it can mean something as simple as acknowledging the people around you.  holding the door open for someone coming in the door, or smiling at the cashier who rings you up.

Much of it can come down to manners or etiquette, so just giving yourself an ego check whenever you feel too deserving or impatient can go a long way.  Let other people into your world and make sure that you aren’t living in a state with only population: you.


On a lighter note, this song has been playing on our soundtrack at work now and (no real offense to anyone who likes the song), I just can’t get over how horrible the lyrics are.  It’s obviously a fun clubby kind of song, and will definitely be a hit live with all the girls that will be swooning over the artist but man….

“…trying to find a pretty girl that these shoes go nice with…”  .  I shake my head every time I hear it.