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Let me tell you, out of all the singing competitions going on right now or in the near future.  I am most excited about The Sing-Off.  I am just consistently blown away by the things a cappella groups can do with their voices.  Awesome singing, harmony and very original/creative/inventive ways of delivering the songs.

It’s only been the first episode this season and I think it’s already put American Idol and The Voice‘s seasons out of my mind.  And the eagerness I await the new episodes will not be overshadowed by the overly-hyped X-Factor.   In fact, I’m not even sure I really care about the X-Factor at the moment.  I think it’s a bit late in it’s arrival for me.

I caught the second season of The Sing-Off last season and it really impressed me.  This first episode of the third just left me eager for more!  If you love music, give the show and the super talented groups some love.  Ben Folds, Sara Barailles, and Shawn Stockman will love you for it too!

Here’s a couple of my favorite performances from this beginning episode.  The first is an awesome all-group opening number performing to Pink’s “Fuc*ing Perfect”, and the second is the all-girl group Delilah owning Bruno Mar’s “Grenade.”  Enjoy!