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Isn’t he the ugliest thing you’ve ever seen?  One of my biggest phobias/fears has always been bees of any shape or kind.  Just the slightest hint of something that sounds like a buzz will turn me into a whimpering schoolgirl.

The beau and I had a full day with the ladies.  The biggest part of that day was spent at the park.  We took a bat and ball and hit a few, tossed the baseball a bit, and rode our bikes around.  Pretty active day that was quite fun and relaxed!

The last ball of the day got away from the beau and rolled down into a grassy area next to a little brook.  We quickly jumped down, found the ball and proceeded to start gathering our things and head home.

And then…disaster struck.  As I was reaching down to grab our gloves, I felt this burning sensation coming from my right shoulder.  I looked over and saw one of these guys hunched up and poking me good.  Somehow I stayed calm and pulled my sleeve up off my arm and the bug from Hades off my skin as well.  He flew off and began buzzing around the beau.  Thankfully, he managed to shoo it away without getting himself stung either.  Thank you Lord.

Considering how deathly afraid I’ve been of these things, I was very proud of how I handled it.  It’s still throbbing and sore-ish, but it’s not really giving me much issue.  Ask me any other time and I probably would have said I’d be crying like a newborn babe.  Hopefully it doesn’t hinder my workout tomorrow.

Stupid bugs. : (