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A few weeks ago I made a special trip out to the mall to do some shopping at Abercrombie and Hollister.  They were having an additional-off clearance special going on and by gosh I was taking advantage of it.  It’s a nice feeling for me when walking into Abercrombie Kids, because I can still nicely fit into their XL clothes and save a nice bit of cash not having to deal with the much higher prices of it’s adult store.

I go about my business as usual, looking at all the newly reduced clothes and grab a few items to try on.  I’m pretty picky about what I wear,  Mainly because I have to be able to wear it to work and having a huge logo from another brand is a no-go.  I’ve never been much on the over-sized logos to begin with anyway, love the fit but I don’t want to be a walking billboard either.  So I search out the items that have the small logos or icons that’s not quite as overwhelming.

So after I’ve tried them on and confirmed how much I really want the items, I stroll back up to the register area to check out.  Usually there’s only one person there and they ring me out pretty quickly.  It’s usually the same manager girl that I see every time I’m in, but this time she was joined by a couple of others.

The first person was a gay boy and he went to work undoing the sensor tags on my items.  The other was a curvier girl.

While I’m paying, a song comes over the speakers that I’ve been wondering about from my work soundtrack for a while.  Not missing a beat I pull out my IPhone and open my Soundhound App to catch the song and pull up who’s singing it.

As I’m doing this, the curvy girl decides she’s going to feign interest in my phone.  She props herself up on her elbows on the other side of the counter and leans in toward me.  She then says rather coyly, “What kind of phone do you have there?”

Being the dork I am, I respond with, “Oh, this is an Iphone…”   I look up from my phone to engage more into the conversation and this is pretty much the view I have.

I was shocked!  The girl was literally propped over the counter and pushing her cleavage at me.  I immediately go into confused mode as it’s been a long, long time since I’ve been propositioned by a girl…especially in this sort of way.  I remember looking up, blanking for a second, and the saying one of my key phrases when I’m suprised, “hello…!”  Even being gay, it was kinda hard not to stare at the sight.  It was so out of place, like seeing snow in the desert.

The manager girl and gay boy were just smiling the whole time.  I could feel my face turning red, and I wasn’t really sure how to react at this point.  I can think of so many different ways I could have dealt with it now, but right then I was just plain astonished of how brave this girl was in flaunting herself at me.  I’m sure there was probably some conversation going on while I was in the fitting room, had to be! lol.

I kind of fumbled my phone away and finish up my transaction rather quickly.  Grabbing my bag, I turn around to head back out the door and I hear the girl calling out from behind me… ” I love you!”   I can only smile to myself at this point.

I had no idea how to feel.  Should I feel like a piece of meat, should I be flattered, or should I just chalk it up to immaturity on the part of the girl.  I am primarily leaning toward the latter, but a part of me is slightly flattered just the same.  I just wish I was getting the cleavage that I was seeing in the photo at the beginning of the post.

A handsome Abercrombie boy leaning in and giving me a flash of chest probably would have floored me right then.  *fans self thinking about that being the case*

Yup, I would have preferred that quite a bit more, no hesitation there.  They need to be hooking me up!

Have you all ever had an awkward advance you weren’t expecting?   Have a great day guys!