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The beau, ladies and I ended up going to see Dolphin Tale last night, and although I’m going to share my thoughts on that movie (along with Moneyball, as I’ve seen that movie recently as well)  in an upcoming post I couldn’t help but get inspired to put this post together.

While we were watching the previews beforehand, the one above caught my eye.  Even though I’m a fan of Queen Latifah and Dolly Parton, what really caught my eye was an actor by the name of Jeremy Jordan who’s playing a relation of Dolly’s in the movie.  He’s apparently done a few other things in his acting career but I wasn’t aware of him till now.  He’s quite handsome though, don’t you think?  What I found surprising is that I’m familiar with two other Jeremy Jordans in my popular culture history.

The second Jeremy Jordan is one most of the gay community should know if you’re in any way familiar with the gay porn scene.  Doing his work from 1999-2006, he was a pretty popular model for Falcon Studios and won a number of awards within the adult film world.  My ex was a huge fan of his work and followed him through the years.  He’s fell out of the spotlight after his breakup with fellow film star Jason Hawke, but I’ve heard rumor he’s been showing up on Cam4 recently (if you’re familiar with that site –adult oriented so please be 18+).  I haven’t seen him there yet but I’m kinda on the lookout as I’m curious about how he’s been doing lately.  Born just a couple weeks before me, and a smallish guy like me, I feel a sense of community with my fellow twinks.

Jeremy Jordan in his singing prime.

Jeremy Jordan in his movie prime.

The Jeremy Jordan I’m ultimately familiar with and is the very first person I think of when hearing the name is of the singer turned actor.  He had a big hit in the song “The Right Kind of Love” and I remember watching the music video for the song around 15 years old and having a huge crush on the boy as he showed his abs, chest and slick blonde hair.  It’s a great song and it prompted me to re-download it after reminding myself just how much I enjoyed it back in the day (1993).  He’s been in a number of movies as well, the most notable probably being Never Been Kissed.  In any case, he’s still quite handsome and working quite regularly (for someone who isn’t a top-bill actor or character actor).

Seeing Joyful Noise‘s Jeremy sent me on this journey of the Jeremys and I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did…well, probably not as much as me considering it was my rabbit hole of thinking.  But thank you just the same lol

I’ll leave you now with the final Jeremy’s song that has been in my head for the last 24 hours and how I prefer to remember him.