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Well, I just finished watching the Arizona Diamondbacks take on the Milwaukee Brewers in their final game of the Division Series match-up.  Arizona tied it up 2-2 at the top of the 9th and we made it to the bottom of the 10th and lost 3-2.

So sad, as Arizona was the only one of a few teams I support who made it to the playoffs.  The Athletics, Braves, Rockies, and White Sox being the others (in that particular order).

I know, I know…according to this post I said I wasn’t supporting the Braves because of the blackout in my area.  Well, I still keep track of them and want them to do well.  It’s just difficult to be a fan when I’m so far away yet unable to watch live like the most folks.  Sigh, maybe i’ll talk the beau into upgrading to basic digital cable.  I’ll have to see.  blah.

Anyways…. Arizona had a strong, strong season and they have nothing to fault for their great performance this year.  All their come-from-behind victories, strong offense, and a great manager in Kirk Gibson.

I guess I’m gonna be hoping that Detroit will take the American League title and hopefully the World Series Win…you’re my only hope now!  Miguel Cabrera is a beast and they better take out the Rangers.  I’m not sure if I can take anymore of C.J. Wilson  this season.  I need a break from him that is for sure!

Once again, congratulations Arizona on a great season!