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Almost a week ago, the ladies, the beau and I went to see A Dolphin Tale in the theater. I was kind of ho-hum about going to see it because it seemed like it was going to be a sappy kid-type movie from my initial impressions, and I wasn’t all that sure it was worth the price of the tickets.
The ladies were all gung-ho about seeing it every time we saw them and so we gave in. I knew it was based on a true story, which is an awesome thing, but I still felt it was gonna be kinda blah.

I do have to say that they did make it very smiley/cheesy. The writing was done in such a way as you knew what was going to be happening before it happened, and had all those pinnacle sappy high points that any family-type movie is going to have.
BUT even with that said, I really enjoyed it!. It took many of the things I usually hate about this genre of movie and integrated them in such a way that made it work for me.

If you’re not familiar with the movie, it’s based on a true story out of Clearwater, Florida. Basically, an unfocused boy comes across an injured dolphin and helps to bring it to an organization who can help rehab the animal. The injuries to the dolphin’s tail are so bad that she ends up having to have it removed. Then begins the journey which leads to providing Winter (the dolphin) with a prosthetic tail. There are a few other plot points within the movie but this is the main focus.

Forget about Morgan Freeman, the definite star of the film has to be Winter. Through the editing and directing, we feel the pain, happiness, and a myriad of other feelings we are meant to feel from her. There were a few times I teared up just a tad, especially when Winter wasn’t agreeing with the first few versions of her new tail.

For me, there was another clear star of the movie. This birdie seen below.

I mean this guy stole EVERY scene he was in. Pure gold this birdie is…hey, is there a category in the Oscars for best animal co-star in a movie? Well…there should.

Oh and they must have knew that I was going to come see the movie because they adequately provided me with quite a bit of eye candy to keep me entertained.

First off, OMG Harry Connick, Jr was in it, and OMG he was smoking hot in this movie. Love his singing, loved him in Will & Grace, and OMG he was a stud in this movie. I kept waiting for a shirtless scene with him but they never gave me what I wanted. *sigh* But boy has been working out. He was probably the most realistic and believable character in the film. His dialogue was probably the most even and not as leading as the rest of the script. Just look at that chest and arms….*sigh yet again*

Austin Stowell who played the little boy’s cousin was also a beauty. His character was probably the most contrived and forced but it definitely was made up by all the shirtless shots we got of him. He has a great smile and killer body. Him being attached to a swim team also gave us access to a number of other hot swimmer guys in the film which, in my opinion, more than makes up for the forced dialogue.

As you can see by this very happy dolphin, overall I really enjoyed the film. If you haven’t seen it, I say you probably should if only just for the reasons I gave above. Plus, it gives you a primer to enjoy Winter’s website in her home at the Clearwater Marine Aquarium. There you can learn more about her and even watch her in her living quarters!

Oh and as far as the title, I know that dolphins are not fish. I’m just channeling Morgan Freeman’s character who throughout the film calls her a fish uncorrected (some goers probably left thinking she’s a fish).