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As a subscriber to Men’s Fitness, I received my latest issue in the mail the other day.  On the cover is a guy who’s name I’ve heard quite a bit in the last few years, but I’d never really taken in interest in him for some unknown reason.

Well, I probably know the reason really.  It’s more of a deeply subconscious reason than it is a blatant personal choice.  It’s probably because, as a adamant Harry Potter fan, I’ve never really given the Twilight series a chance to take hold of me.  Like most of you all probably know, Kellan Lutz rose to fame being a part of this franchise of movies based on the books by Stephenie Meyer.  I know of quite a few people who love the books and films but the films felt too romance-centric and sappy for me to want to give them a shot.

I did manage to watch the first movie a few years back and did find it a little too focused on the romance aspect than the lore and storytelling.  I kind of gave up on the idea of enjoying the series after that.

Because of that, I never gave many of the stars a chance since they were associated with the films.  Although Robert Pattinson didn’t count as he will always be Cedric Diggory in my eyes.  I even managed to snag a “Vote for Cedric” t-shirt from Hot Topic before they ran out.

It was geek day at work and since I didn’t want to relive the traumatizing days of my youth as a stereotype I continually got picked on as, I went as the closest thing I wanted to pull off…a Potter geek!  😀  hehe don’t judge!  No suspenders and pocket protector for me!


After reading Kellan’s article and detaching him from the Twilight series itself, I’ve grown quite a bit of respect for him and the work he puts in to perfect his body for the roles he does.  He is a powerhouse!  He’s not really my type (how many people would actually say that), though I definitely would not turn him down were he to come knocking on my door.

I do however, admire his work ethic and his focus on fitness.  His trainer talked about how Kellan came in and just attacked everything that was thrown at him.  Nothing was too hard for him to put his full focus on and just do it.  Even with how fitness focused I am right now, this article lit a fire under me.  I’ve came into my last two workouts and wouldn’t allow myself to even believe I couldn’t do/finish something.

I HATE lunges, but yet I managed to power through them this time around.  3 sets and I didn’t moan or dread a minute of them like I have in the past.  I still hate them, but I attacked them and finished much stronger than I have in the past.

You can apply this principle to anything you pursue.  Whatever you do, do it with all your strength and focus.  Hesitation, doubt, or insecurity only allows you to weaken yourself and the possible outcome you want to happen.

I definitely want to give Kellan’s new movie The Immortals a shot when it comes out, but should I let go of my inhibitions and give the rest of the Twilight saga a try?  Do the books carry more storytelling and lore than the movies?  Let me know!