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I’m a very happy camper right now.  CJ Wilson took the loss for the Rangers last night with a 3-2 score in favor of the Cardinals.  Go birds!   Now with CJ taking that loss I can rest easy with however the World Series may go.   Bitter and hold a grudge….never, not me…  >>

On a side not Scotty McCreery sung the National Anthem to open it up and even though I didn’t see the performance originally, I ended up hearing about it on my way back from the gym this morning on the radio.

Now just to clarify, although I’m not necessarily a Scotty fan (as I’m not really a country fan), I still think he’s a talented and hardworking kid.  I totally think he deserved his win on Idol and I think he’s got a decent career ahead of him.

Now with that said, back to the issue at hand.  Mentioned earlier, he opened the Series with the National Anthem and like any celebrity who has done it, he ended up with a flub that has made the news.  Poor guy… he was focusing so much on his intonation and his “twang” that he ended up saying “No Jose” instead of “O Say”.  AND in front of the First Lady Michelle Obama nonetheless.

I am tickled though that he got to sing the anthem for the Series knowing that he is a big fan of the sport of baseball.  That in itself is a great honor for any fan and I’m glad the honor was given to an authentic fan as well.  Just wish it had gone better for him.

Here’s the video for it if your interested in hearing it.  If you want to skip to it, it’s around the 1:12 mark.