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Wow, who would have expected Jim and Cochrane to have pulled off the Elyse blindside as well as they did.  I remember sitting at her tribal council and telling the beau that I bet Keith and Whitney vote for someone else so that they don’t “really” vote against her per se.  And they did!  Totally awesome blindside but not so good for poor Elyse.

So what lesson can we learn from Elyse Umemoto and her experience on Survivor: South Pacific?

The main thing I think we can get is that sometimes in life we are a victim by association.   We have to be careful at times of the situations we put ourselves in and the people with whom we get involved.  Even though she wasn’t a threat to any of the other members of her tribe, it was because of her close association with Ozzy and his actions that she was deemed a target.

There are many times in life where people will want to hurt you but instead of hurting you directly, will hurt someone close to you.  We see this unfold a lot of times when it’s dealing with relationships and friendships where a trust has been betrayed or a direction had been taken that didn’t honor a person or their feelings.

How many times have we seen ourselves or friends instantly dislike the new person an ex is dating, or the new guy who took over our place as “best friend” and doing all the things you used to do with them.  And how many of us have actually tried or even slightly entertained the thought of sabotaging that new relationship?  Or how about it happening to us?

The focus was on making Ozzy weaker, and losing Elyse was only going to be a win-win for them.  She’s not going to be all that missed for challenges and in the process they managed to reign Ozzy back and in a place of a more humble cooperation.

If Elyse or Ozzy had been more aware of their surroundings and their tribemates, they might have been able to see a glimpse of it coming before it happened.  I really doubt Elyse was ever in a game-playing mode though and so it probably would have been lost on her.

Sorry you had to be collateral damage girl.