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I know I’m a little behind on this, and I’ve known quite a few of my buddies who have already been following him for a while…but because of his new daytime show Anderson, I think I am slowly falling for a certain Mr. Anderson Cooper.

I had been well aware of him for quite a long time but since I try to naturally avoid watching main-stream news programming, he wasn’t the sort of television personality I let into my field of interests.

And then this wonderful little video of him hit all the gay blogs and really started to pique my interest.  It was during a segment of one his programs (Anderson Cooper 360 I believe) called The Ridiculist, where he got the most adorable case of the giggles ever.

And then, I heard about his new daytime show and BOOM.  I have Anderson on my tv every weekday morning.  It’s so fun to see him in a more loose, less uptight setting.  I love his squinty eyes, the silver hair, his great taste in clothes, and how genuinely approachable and real he is in his interactions.

His show has been added to the short list of must-watch daily shows, right behind The View.  Sorry  Regis and Kelly, you’ve been bumped back to the “if I have time” #3 spot.  He’s also jumped way up on the list of celebrities I’d love to meet…and on my hot list needless to say!

My taste in guys has definitely evolved since I’ve gotten older and although the younger ones still keep me interested, I’ve definitely found that I’m gearing myself towards older guys.

Heck, who am I kidding…both of my long-term relationships, my ex and my current beau are older than me.  I crave stability and emotional comfort, what can I say? lol

I totally dig the idea that he’s probably a gay boi like me as well.  He hasn’t officially come out, but prefers to not discuss his personal affairs so it doesn’t taint his telling of the news and opinion.  But his possible beau is a very lucky one indeed.

*Sigh*  What a great representative of our community he is.  I think I’m in faux-love…

Anderson with a sloth, still incredibly hot.