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Who would have thought the Cardinals would have come from where they were to being the World Series Champions.  Starting from a wild card spot that was supposed to have the Atlanta Braves’ name on it, surpassing them, and then coming from a 3-2 game deficit and stealing from the Rangers what was first thought to be theirs to win.  Well deserved guys!

And congratulations to David Freese for getting the MVP award.  His walk-off home-run in the 11th inning secured them the win they desperately needed in game 6.

I do want to give my respects to the Texas Rangers as they suffered a second defeat at the hands of another team.  Despite my feelings about CJ Wilson, they are a solid team and I respect a number of the players.

Michael Young, Josh Hamilton, Mike Napoli, and especially Nolan Ryan.  I grew up watching that man pitch and it was almost heartbreaking for me to see his expressions during those last innings.  I really think that if the pitching staff had not had their meltdown in game 6, they would be the champions right now.

So my hat is off to them as well.

Once again, congrats to the Cardinals and to a great series to watch!