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It’s official.  I’ve been bitten by the Kindle bug.

After reading a post on a blogging site last week, there was a link to an e-book recommendation that was only available as a download versus the old-fashioned paper book system.  Meaning I can’t get it at the bookstore, and I can’t order it by Amazon mail-order…

So that kinda prompted me to start looking at e-readers.  You know, just in case I ever wanted to perhaps maybe ever want to read something that I might only be able to download.

But nah, that’s abandoning my presupposing bias and opinion that I would never go to an e-reader.  That I prefer the feel of the book in my hands, and the paper flipping between my fingers.  The ability to have the tangible book and it’s pretty cover sitting on my bookshelf to admire long after I’ve read and conquered it’s many pages.  To have a collection of books together, standing strong like the Great Wall, and there for me to read again if I ever wanted to.

An unwillingness to change.  And for a long time I subscribed to a similar mentality when it came to my cell phone.  Through three generations of the Iphone and many Blackberries, I scoffed at how complicated phones were getting and how I wouldn’t fall for all that.  My basic phone did everything I needed it to do and I’d never be interested in all that extra crap they could do.  I was handling things just fine the way they were.

Yeah, I don’t know what I was thinking.

All it took was a random day at the mall, upgrade time with the provider, and a few minutes playing with it in the store and I was sold.  I was the proud owner of an Iphone and now I have no idea how I would get along without it.  It’s made being anal and organized so much easier for me.

So with that experience under my belt, I can only attest that it could be the same with me and a Kindle.  Listing the pros and cons, the positives only seem to be very positive, while the negatives are really only bias and a reluctance to try something different.

I’ve been feeling a strong need to read novels again, but really hate lugging around the books if all is said and done.

I think I’ve mentioned that when we go out to see our lady friends they have horrible 3G reception.  In fact, because of a ton of things happening this week involving them, we’ve spent quite a bit of time over there these past five days or so. (Also why the few posts this week…sorry).

Because of this bad reception, I end up bringing some magazines and a book or two to keep me entertained.  I say a few because I’m never sure what kind of reading mood I’ll be in when I finally get the urge.  Would I like the light reading of a magazine, or something a little more substantial.  Because of this, my bag often feels like a lead weight strapped to my back.  I could solve this easily by only bringing one book with me, right?  So easy to say, but so hard to do.  At least for me.

And what i absolutely hate is folks who ask what it is I’m reading when I know very well it’s just small talk and they really don’t care.  But I still have to fulfill my social duties.  At least I’ve found with electronic devices nobody gets nosy about what you’re reading or doing for the most part.  Score.

The ability to have a number of books with me at one time in a conveniently small and lightweight form is so appealing to me right now.  Anyone out there have an e-reader and want to give me a suggestion as to whether i should or shouldn’t go paperless?  Is the basic Kindle enough for you? or have you found one of the other models more user-friendly?  Is there a difference in what’s offered from any of the competitor readers, the Nook, etc?  Let me know, I’m not sure how much longer I can hold back! 😛

Oh and it’d be kind of nice to not have to deal with bookshelves anymore.  The way the beau and I are going, our spare room my end up looking like this soon.