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If you were an 80s-90s kid like me, I hope you all have a fond place in your heart for the Disney musical film Newsies.  I absolutely loved this movie growing up and caught it whenever I could on the TV.  Originally appearing in movie theaters, it bombed big time for some reason…maybe because it wasn’t some big action film, or there wasn’t a new Disney princess to draw the kids in.  In any case, the soundtrack for this movie became a recurring staple in my music library and still does today.  In it’s tv run it also gathered quite a cult following, as it should have in my opinion.

Here’s the opening number to the film, called “Carrying the Banner.”  A great mix of song, dance, and an introduction to the story itself.  Basically, a true 1899 story of newsboys angry with newspaper giant Joseph Pulitzer charging them more for the papers they sell, and they decide to go on strike.  A real little dog going up against a big dog story.

The movie version had quite a few notable names:

Christian Bale (probably best known in the last batch of Batman films)

Max Casella (memorable as Neil Patrick Harris’ best friend on Doogie Howser M.D.)

Luke Edwards (who I remember distinctly from the same time period in the movie The Wizard with Fred Savage, Mario and the Power Glove lol)

Gabriel Damon (who is firmly rooted in my mind as that kid bad guy in Robocop 2)

and even Ann-Margret (who’s been in everything, but most familiar to me is the Grumpy/ier Old Men movies)

You couldn’t have made me more excited to hear that Alan Menken and others were planning on bringing this movie musical to the Broadway stage, finally!

Alan is the musical composer from the film and brought us a vast majority of the Disney soundtracks and stage musical song we’re familiar with.  Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, and The Lion King sound familiar, among others.

I remember reading that more theaters requested a stage version of “Newsies” than any other Disney title not yet adapted for theater and I can definitely see why.

It’s so fun, energetic, full of character personality, awesome songs and similarly awesome choreography that it baffles me why it didn’t happen before.

The dry run that started in September went well and I just heard on The View today that it’s getting a official run on Broadway coming up soon! Nice!

I so wish I could be in New York to see it when it opens, I can only hope that it gets great reviews and lasts for quite a while!

If you remember a post I did a while back called Will the Real Jeremy Jordan Please Stand Up, the Jeremy I pointed out that was going to be in the Dolly Parton/Queen Latifah film is also the Jeremy who took over the character of Jack Kelly (Christian Bale’s role).  Sadly, he’s not going to be returning for the official launch of the show as he has landed the lead role in another musical about to break out, Bonnie and Clyde.   I simply can’t wait I’m so excited, anyone who can support the show, give it some love!  It officially opens March 29th!!

I’m gonna leave a few more of the videos I’ve enjoyed detailing the show.  Anyone out there remember the film?  Own the soundtrack?  I would love to hear from some other fans!