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Well, the day-of-all-days for retail quickly approaches, and with it, a lot of irregular shifts to cover.  I’ve had the oddest hours this week and with the other things I’ve had set for myself, this is the first time I’ve been able to sit down with the laptop and get a post out.

Short post tonight, and I promise to be much more consistent once this crazy holiday spread ends.  The hours are only going to get crazier up until Christmas… Shoot me now. ><

Yesterday I had a lady basically ream me for the no receipt return/exchange policy and how stupid it was.  No receipt = store credit by mail period.  No same day exchanges.  We can even look up receipts if you happened to use a card or check to pay, but unfortunately she was a cash transaction.  I was real polite and was doing all I could on my end of things.  It’s basically that way because of every shoplifter out there who would abuse the policy if it was any more lenient than that.

Yes, I’m sorry that everyone has to be treated the same but in the end you will get an exchange, just not today.  She went a little overboard irate, and then left saying that she was going to cancel her store card with us and blah de blah.  You know, cause threats help you get whatever you want.

Now, I can understand the frustration.  But I also know that one should have a bit of courtesy and responsibility.  It’s not my fault you weren’t prepared for what you may have to do.

Fast-forward to today.

I come back from a break and the first person in my line is the lady from the previous day.  She had her return, the receipt, AND a much different look on her face.

She told me that she wanted to apologize for how she acted the day before.  Yesterday was a bad day for her and that there was no reason for her to have acted the way she did, and that I was only doing my job.  She also said that she had talked to her husband all night about it and felt so bad that it had kept her up through the night.

I could see the pressure coming off of her shoulders and how good this was making her feel and it was an awesome moment.  It takes guts and humility to admit when you’re wrong, especially to a stranger you may never meet again.  I’ve never had a customer apologize to me in such a humble and heartfelt way.

So I relent from my previous bias of her as just another irrational customer and totally forgive this lady.  Not a jerk, not perfect, just forgiven.  We all have our bad days and she was having one yesterday.  I just happened to have been in the cross-hairs at one point, it’s all good.

We all may just need to step back and take the role of that single kitten who didn’t think “jerk.”

I know on my bad days all I want is to come home and be held by my beau.

So I’m sure that fourth kitten was like, “she could use some kitty snuggles.”