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Regardless of the retail world taking over this fine Thanksgiving holiday and making it just a gateway into Black Friday.  I also seem to think that our continued technological process is partially to blame for the day losing it’s meaning.

With transportation allowing all of us to move farther away from our friends and family with great ease, and with the mother of all family holidays, Christmas, right on its heels.  That produces quite the cocktail for it not to matter as much.

Even if we can’t get together with friends and family to share a nice, big, family meal together.  It’s also a time to reflect on your life and really bring what you’re thankful for to the foreground.  Those of us who pray probably do this on a daily basis, or try to at least.  But many of us seem to forget about the good that’s in our lives and only dwell on what’s wrong.

It differs from New Years when we aim to change things in our lives with resolutions, it’s easier to let what you’re thankful for slip through the cracks because it counts as what is right in your life.

Do take a few minutes today and consider what you’re thankful for.

– I know I’m very thankful for my journey these past two years which has led me to the arms of my beau.  He is the most awesome, caring, generous, and loving individual I have ever had the fortune to know.  I’m so very lucky to have him in my life.  I thank God for him as much as I possibly can.

– Though sometimes I get frustrated with it, I am very thankful for my workplace and my manager.  She has been wonderful to me and continues to aid me in whatever I need.  I’m very lucky to have been working for the company as long as I have and they have bent over backwards to accommodate me in my move to the Nashville area.

– I’m very thankful for the new church we’ve found and how much of a perfect fit it is for us and our needs.  Bringing the Lord back into my life after years of grasping for spirituality has probably been the best and most thankful item I have.

– Even though I’m not very close socially with my family, I’m very thankful with how loving and supportive they are of me and my beau.  They have been just awesome throughout my years and continue to be there for me when I need them.  We may not buddy around or hang out, but the strong basic connection is there and for that I’m grateful.

– I’m also thankful for the writing (this blog), video gaming (final fantasy XI), and fitness communities (Bodyspace / Bodybuilding.com – the link to my profile is in the sidebar) in which I take part which keep me focused on the goals I want to achieve through each one.

I hate not having focus and each of these three things help to bring me satisfaction that I’m doing more, and something better for myself and the people around me, than just going to work and sleeping.

There are a lot of smaller things that I’m thankful for, but these cover the big ones.  Take the time to push away what you need to work on or feel is wrong in your life, and focus on what’s right in your life today.  It may just help change your whole outlook.