Wow, has it been over a month already?

First, I do want to apologize to those people following me.  And I also want to give a big thank you to Charlie B. over at Shadow Void for checking up on me a bit ago.  I have to say that means a lot to me to have a readership who cares about me.

I’m not going to give much in the way of excuses but kinda discuss what’s happened with me and what had me slacking this long run of days.  I will confirm though that I am back with a passion and a renewed focus, and am very excited to bring more stuff to the blog.

1. Retail Heck

As many of you all know, I work retail and this holiday season was just a busy mess for me.  When I was working for my store back in Knoxville, we were a high volume store and had a lot more hours to give employees (thus having more people working on a day-to-day basis).

At my new store here in the Nashville area, we’re a low volume store so we had very few hours to give comparatively and thus, very few people on the floor.  Much of the time, it was just me on the registers and another person taking care of the fitting room.  Very stressful December and early January to say the least.

We were also open for crazy hours going up until Christmas and I was filling in some long mid-shifts and late nights through it all.  Thankfully, we’re in our downtime now and I’m getting my regular work hours again.  Meaning mostly mornings for the most part, and more time to do other things.

2. Lots of Traveling and Stay at Places W/O Internet

When I wasn’t working, the beau and I were traveling for a good portion of it.  We were at our lady-friends’ house a good portion of the month because we were doing a lot with them and we’re their ride everywhere.  They don’t have an internet connection AND very poor phone reception at their house, double whammy!  So my free time in front of the computer was further decreased.

During the mid-week of December I also went back home to do the Christmas thing with the family and spent most of the time at my dad’s.  He has a computer (which is bogged down with all kinds of crap), and a modem with only one ethernet port thing.  I decided not to disconnect his computer to plug my laptop in for the purpose of staying as far away from any blame as possible if something were to go wrong with it.

They know so very little about computers and how they work that they’d grasp at anything.

3.  I Had a Small Case of the Funks

And finally, this first part of January hit me and out of the blue I had a case of the funks.  I call it that because it wasn’t really a depression or anything, just a brief week or so where everything just seemed a little bleaker about my life and I had lost my passion for things and banked on the side of pointlessness.

We all feel that way sometimes and I worked my way out of it.  I knew when I was thinking about it that the rationality behind it was pretty silly.  I had no reason to be thinking the things I was and so I quickly worked my way back up.  I want to keep my eyes ever forward and motivated to my next new thing.  The beau has been super supportive through my busy month too, I’m so very lucky and blessed 😀

thanks again for sticking with me all!

Hugs and kisses!