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The new fall season of television is officially underway and a few of the shows definitely peaked my interested and I figured I’d let you know what I’m watching and whether I’m gonna continue to watch.

The low – Revolution-

This was the show I was most excited about according to the previews.  I love the premise behind the show.  What would happen if we lost power, electricity, phones, vehicles, internet…?  I’ve always been a fan of fantasy type storylines and taking the modern day US and having nature take it back over and having people revert back to crude weaponry and living off the land seemed like a awesome thing to play around with.  Along with all the imagery of a rundown civilization we all used to know.

Then I watched the first couple of episodes and it let me down. The beautiful settings and scenery are all but dwarfed by poor storyline, writing and dialogue.  The episodes are kinda hard for me to watch because I know what’s going to happen in the scene because it’s that predictable.  The dialogue seems forced and predictable as well.  I don’t “believe” any of what’s being said because it seems unnaturally delivered and stiff.  It only exists to give us information and not to develop characters.

On that note, I’m a few episodes in and I don’t care about any of the characters.  The stiff writing has left these characters without any “real” personality to reach out and make me care.

I’m still gonna watch the next couple of episodes hoping that it will get better but I’m not betting on it.  If not for me, for Elizabeth Mitchell.  She deserves it.

The High – 666 Park Avenue-

On the reverse end, 666 Park Avenue is a great surprise to me.  The first episode was phenomenal.  The acting is great and believable.  Terry O’Quinn and Vanessa Williams are interesting, amiable, believable, and creepy all at the same time.  The supporting cast is also really good.

The show offers suspense, storyline, a playful sexiness, and it’s share of catch-you-unaware moments.  This is my definite fave show so far this season.  I haven’t anticipated new episodes of a show since Lost, and I’m excited to have this feeling again. ^^

The premise behind the show reminds me a lot of one of my favorite Stephen King books (also a movie, but of course the book is way better), Needful Things.  Where the devil opens a shop in Castle Rock and sells the townspeople’s prized possessions/wants/temptations in exchange for deeds he asks of them.  It kinda has that feel to it, except the devil owns a ritzy apartment building and makes deals with his tenants.  A+

The In-between- Animal Practice

This is my new favorite comedy this season.  From the previews I thought it was going to be a light-hearted hour-long drama, but it turned out to be a 30-min sitcom and it still makes me happy.  The episodes have been funny, the characters all differ and are all charming and memorable in their own ways, and although Justin Kirk’s Dr. George Coleman seems to come off kinda House-ish, he shows a bit of vulnerability at times.  I’ve also kinda had a crush on Justin Kirk ever since I saw him in the movie “Love, Valour, Compassion” years ago as the blind boyfriend of another of the lead characters.  Will def keep watching this show.

The Unsure – The New Normal and Partners

The two new gay-centered shows.  I want to like them, and part of me feels like I should like them but they just haven’t won me over just yet.

The writing for “The New Normal” is darn good.  I love witty, smart dialogue and this gives us plenty of that, but my issue is I’m not sure what it is.  Is it drama, or comedy?  I think it’s playing at comedy, but there’s not the obvious haha moments like most shows.  It seems to be taking a note from Glee, and doing the hard-hitting issues road, but in a 30-minute fashion.  Being more serious than fun.  If that’s the case through the season I may end up dropping it like I did Glee.  Love the cast of characters, but that’s not what I want out of these kind of shows.

“Partners” is fun and playful thanks to Michael Urie, but there’s something kinda stale about it.  Whatever it is, it doesn’t provide me with a nudge to keep watching.  And even though it’s great to see more gay characters on television, between “Modern Family,” “The New Normal,” and this, it’s an over-abundance of stereotypical gay for me and this may be the one that falls off my radar.  I would love to see more subtle but fun gay characters on tv.  Makes me miss “Will and Grace” (not referencing Jack of course, but Will’s character).


I’ve also been watching my old standy-bys, “Survivor” (which is shaping up to be an awesome season so far in my opinion), and “The Amazing Race” (which is more of the same, but fun to watch the travels).