No, no, no. Of course I go and have to curse my favorite in the competition by promoting him from the start.

My boy Ricky was chosen to leave the competition tonight…and I am sooo disappointed and sad. It surprised how they felt his routine fell short of that breaker latin boy who relied on his floor spinning to save him. I know personality is an assett (much like with Benji last year) but the technique and diversity of routine needs to be there.

Ah, just let me vent and it will pass. He was so fricken hot and talented. Anyone that has any screen caps of the boy please send them my way! His experience on the show was way too short. *cry* Please aid me in honoring the premature exit of Ricky.


As for the update in my world. Russ’ went to the doctor a few days ago to find out what’s wrong with his back. He’s had two back and one neck surgery in the past and after viewing his xray results, he’s found that he has a bulging disc pinching a nerve directly above the two discs he had already had surgery on.

He needs to get a ton of bloodwork done before there’s a date for the operation, but hopefully this will bring the old Russ back and the prospect he’ll start watching himself. He’s not a young man anymore and needs to take care of his body. He’s strongwilled and pig-headed and asking for help is not always easy for him, but hopefully I’ll be able to help him past this.

This workweek has been exhausting for me. Resetting a number of departments in the store and working a full shipment today has left me real tired. I haven’t been to the gym this week but I’ll definitely be there tomorrow. Since I stayed an hour and a half over yesterday that means that I’ll get to go home earlier tomorrow. Heck yeah! I’ve missed the gym.

I’ve really began to feel good about myself and my body. My clothes are fitting me so much better and it’s bringing me new confidence in myself.

So, needless to say, I’m dissapointed in myself for not going this week. But, by gosh, I’ve been so tired. Anyways, have a good night all.