I just had to post the conclusion to TJ’s big day.

I have to say she was an incredibly brave and good girl today! Maybe it was because I was there with her and no other animals were around. She whined a bit but otherwise she was great.

I found out alot of information I otherwise didn’t know… mainly flea and worm prevention, the various shots that were needed, and info on what products are quality to use for our pets and which are really not worth it.

I feel like I have a better idea of how to keep her healthy and happy. She has all her shots and is now legally immunized! I also have a better idea at what kind of mixed breed she is. We knew she was mixed but always considered her a cairn terrier of sorts, but Sara (the vet) put her as mostly dachshund (the eyes, ears, body length, modified snout, plus the whine and nosing motions she makes) and possibly schnauzer to qualify her coat and color.

To top it all off, she is totally WORM-FREE! She came back negative on all counts and the kittens were the culprits…probably have had it since their birth considering the size of the buggers found the other day. Not that I prefer the kittens to have it, just glad TJ was alright. We now get to fix the kittens, but I’m sure they’ll pull through the medication phase.

I was so proud of her today. She took her shots and medicine with grace, was cordial and patient with the vets, and I really felt like we’ve treated her and “raised” her right. Considering she was a stray when we took her in…it really made me proud.

3 cheers for Ms. TJ! (Can you tell I’m ecstatic?)