Just like many other bloggers out there, the 9/11 tragedy was a huge moment in our lives for various reasons. I too, feel like I should write about my feelings that day, since I’ve never done so and feel it will be good for me to put them down in the blog.

The morning the tragedy happened I remember so surreally. Probably the most eye-opening, bigger-than-I-am experience I’ve ever felt. I was working as a server for a popular breakfast restaurant chain at the time (you guessed it, for five years), and I was on the way to fill my lunchtime mid-shift.

I was listening to the radio and whatever song it was had finished, a news report followed soon after. Upon hearing about the hi-jackings, crashes, and the turmoil happening in New York…it became very clear to me that we could be at war. Not the war that I’m accustomed to hearing about overseas…in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Iraq…but in our own homeland. That very real and very scary thought occured to me then. Co-workers were talking about walking out that day, wanting to spend the time with their families versus delivering eggs.

I no longer felt safe, and that my ideal of what life was could possibly change.

The imaginary wall that lived somewhere in my subconcious, which made everything within the United States immune to all the strife other countries battled with daily, disappated. We were no longer immune to the outside world. Someone finally took a stand against us (regardless of motives or rationale).

I feel for everyone who dealt with this tragedy in any remote way. Whether you lost a loved one, worked in the scene, or personally knew people involved. I was hundreds of miles away and safe as it turned out.

It be best Mr. Bush remember as well… and most importantly, learn from it.