Boo. After the beau and I got home from our various dealings, we decided to watch our newest Netflix movie shipped to us: “Saved!” I’ve been wanting to see it for a while but never have picked it up but now due to the saving grace that is movies delivered to our mailbox I have no reason to miss out on all the movies I wanted to see in the past.

I pulled it out of it’s wrapper, put it in the machine and waited eagerly for it to start.

“Check disk in tray…”


Pulled out the disc and there was a big crack in it. So sad. But thankfully Netflix is real good about damaged DVDs and stuff. Just reported the issue, requested a new copy and am going to mail off the broken one tomorrow.

Oh well, I can watch it soon enough. ^^ Now to try to get the beau to watch the QAF season 4 dvd we’ve been holding onto for a couple of months. Grr. I may just watch it without him. 😛