My first day back at work goes well for the most part. I find out that not only will my Logistics Manager be going to help transition a store’s moving, but now our womens/girls moves coordinator is going to be acting as a temporary supervisor for her from November till they return after the move.

Which means…. I am going to be coordinating the whole store. Wow. That was a big surprise for myself. I’m up for the task but it’s kind of intimidating at first considering I haven’t had my hand in either of those departments really. I’ll be alot better after playing in them for a bit and getting a “feel” and “sense of order” which is mine within them versus trying to work around the reasoning of another cooridinater.

My first 9 hr day went fine and my foot acting up a bit but nothing to be worried about.

T, my Logistics Supervisor, came up to me later in that day to ask if I could come help finish up our Outlet Transition to Retail in the Pigeon Forge store. At first I was hesitant, but after finding out that they were supposed to be opening that next morning and were desperate for help I figured it would be best for me and my potential work career to give them a hand. Especially since our DM asked me if I’d work it weeks before.

So I work a 8-5pm shift at my store, 3 of us head out at 5:30ish and get there at about 6:20ish. We’re there until almost 4am. I basically single-handidly set up their marketing and promotion signage while I was there. A big undertaking and I got a number of compliments on my work. Bad thing was, that going into my almost 18 hours of working straight on my feet my problem foot from the previous weeks began to give me a ton more problems. I was basically hobbling through the place, but I’m astute and get the job done. So much pain though.

So we leave, and it’s about 530ish am by the time I get home. I have to be at work at 8am and there’s no way I’ll wake up if I fall asleep…so I make a pot of coffee and go into work without sleep. It wasn’t all that bad if it weren’t for my foot.

I get through that day and manage to stay awake for what is possibly 28ish hours. My foot is killing me by the time I got home that day. I was a mess. I didn’t understand why it was hurting after being so good during the last wee. I cried quite a bit, held onto the beau for support, and got sloshed.

Today was alright as well. My foot is still giving me problems. I don’t take medicine but I found myself buying tylenol (which I have never done in my life…ever) and taking the medication. I can, according to my stunningly slow injury perceptance, finally classify this as a chronic pain which I probably need to have looked at.

The beau thinks I have a stress fracture of some sort…and I just don’t know. I want to think it’s just some over-stressed muscles in my foot that just doesn’t want to let go. I haven’t made any moves yet, but I may soon.

Also, Jay if you were wondering why I haven’t updated the workout chart in a bit, my gimp foot is the reason. Waiting for it to clear up before I can have a chance to focus on the workout routine. It makes me so sad that I haven’t been in the gym for over a week. I so want to be there.


To finish up this Catch Up post, I want to say how excited I am about this fall tv line-up. “Heroes” is back and with a shirtless Milo for most of his appearance of the second episode…..SO YUM! But loving “Heroes”.

So great to see “How I Met Your Mother”, “Biggest Loser”, “Survivor: China”, and I’m welcoming some newcomers…”Pushing Daisies” and “The Big Bang Theory”. Although I’m sorely missing “The Class” since TBBT is in it’s former time-spot. I’m hoping it wasn’t cancelled, but it probably was. Boo.

Hopefully that catches me up and I hope you all aren’t mad at me for all the posts you need to read all about me. Sheesh….I’m making it hard.

But seriously, sorry for the wait and please, wish me good fortune with the healing of my foot. ^^