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Quick post for me as i’ve been running around pretty busy this morning.  Started off at the gym this morning, did some cleaning to prepare for the beau’s return tomorrow, and did some packing as after work I’ll be heading to ladies to do our church routine tomorrow.  Oh, and I’ve also got a long mid-shift at work today, so wish me a stress free day.

Yesterday however wasn’t as stress-free.  I pretty much spent all day and night (up till about 330am this morning) trying to get the Iphone IOS 5.0 to first fully download without timing out, and then to load onto my phone as it kept stalling during the backup phase.

Both required me to do certain things with first my computer virus software, and then restoring the phone itself in order to get it to load.  All I have to say is thank God for Google and troubleshooting.

But the one good thing that did come out of my exploits in baby-sitting my phone on a Friday night was that I managed to catch up on the three episodes of Glee that I’ve had rotting on my Tivo.

I was a huge fan of Glee it’s first season and came into the second season with much higher hopes.  Although the second season was good, it was a lot more dramatic and in your face with the storyline then I liked.  Not that the content bothered me, it’s just not what drew me to the show in the first place.  I liked it originally because of the music and how well it was blended into the story itself, and that it was fun and airy for the most part.

I could let go of worry and care and just lose myself in the fun, whimsy, and awesome voices/songs of the show.

The second season just got way too serious too fast and although I still watched the season, the fear of season 3 being the same way just pushed it further off my must-watch list.

So now I’m totally glad it took so darn long to update my phone because the first 3 episodes were simply awesome.  It feels like a return to form and i’ve fell back in love.

The third episode, “Asian F,” was probably the best written episode yet.  to think an episode mostly dedicated to Harry Shum Jr’s supporting character Mike Chang would be so darn good.  And to think in season one he started out as just an extra on the football team.

He was just amazing in this episode.  Mercedes has got a great storyline going as well, with them finally addressing her constantly being always set aside in lieu of Rachel.  Can’t wait for the next episode where she goes to the dark side and undoubtedly will gain alot more song work!

The biggest perk for me was with the love I have for Darren Criss and the two songs he had in the first two episodes.  He’s hot, charming, talented and I’m soooo glad to see him in regular clothes more often now.

As I have to start getting ready for work now, I’ll leave you all with both of Darren/Blaine’s songs just because (like all the other fan girls and boys), I believe I’m falling in love with him the more I see him.

Enjoy!  The first is “It’s Not Unusual” by Tom Jones, and the second is from the musical West Side Story – “Something’s Coming.”   For good measure I’m gonna throw in Mike Chang’s first real big solo song “Cool,” also from West Side Story.