Today was kinda alright. Work was very slow although we planned for it being extremely busy. Hopefully tomorrow will go by quicker. Nothing of note really happened tonight although Russ apologized profusely about what happened last night without any kind of leading. He sincerely thought he was too rash with me which i undoubtedly told him he was. I never said, “it’s okay…or you’re forgiven” because I’m not sure right now if I want to give that to him. THis really hurt me and I don’t want those words to be a bandaid that’s soon forgotten. If i’m gonna open myself up to him by gosh he needs to prove that to me. He did surprise me with his apologies, but I will definitely see where the future lies.

Tomorrow I will have a talk with him about his temperance again. He seems to have forgotten his personal commitments since moving in the new place, and also with pulling some extra hours. He’s been blasted the last few nights and personally I’m embarrassed Jenny (our roommate with the two boys) has to see him in this way on a nightly basis. I won’t express that last part to him, but I will see about getting him back on track with his liking of the drink.

Anyways, have a good night all and by gosh I hope Rosie moves on the greatness wherever she goes!