ahh… finally back into a regular pattern of living. The majority of boxed necessities have been unpacked and my life has begun to take back some normalcy.

We finished moving things about Wednesday and then spent the rest of the week up until Friday cleaning the new place. We, meaning the beau and I, the roomie only came to the house on the Wednesday. She did a lot that day but still it was kinda minuscule compared to what the beau and I ended up doing. Same thing for the moving process. But I’m not worried about that whole ordeal. We’re in a better place and a better way of life. It’s going to be more expensive but it definitely feels better. Both in my everyday, personal, and spiritual life.

From Friday on it’s been basically me unpacking and building the beau and mine’s space in the house. He dealt with the electronics and I’ve dealt with everything else. Which I don’t mind considering it’s what I like to do. I’m the one who’s supposed to know where everything is and so it just makes sense.

I can’t tell you how long it’s been since I’ve felt this much personal space…well, I guess I could. Since April of last year when we moved into the small house with the roomie and the boys. Love them, but as in the words of the roomie, having everyone “on top of each other” wasn’t very conducive to good feelings in the house. The whole place felt liked a brewing volcano and you all can probably relate to that with the whole meltdown the beau and I had. We almost broke up and split during our time in that house. It just goes to show that it really does depend on situation how people deal with things. In this new place, with the great open personal space that is separated from the others we are connecting much like we used to.

We may not be interacting with the roomie and the kids as much as we used to because we have the advantage of being able to close a door and still be able to enjoy anything that we want, but they have a considerable amount of control over their part of the house now too. It’s now up to them how they decide to take advantage of that considering the beau isn’t there to make a considerable impact on most of it. The roomie confided to me that she is happy with the move so I’m confident that everything is all well.

Our pup, T.J., couldn’t be happier. A wide expanse of land to run around in and without the need for scolding. She has a large expanse of area to run and play and explore and I don’t have to worry about her running into the road or someone’s yard. So nice.

Tonight became a “Survivor: China” finale party for me. This has been my favorite season since “Cook Islands”. I am SO happy Todd won, he totally deserved it. If I were in his shoes I would have played it the same exact way. I’m the smallest and I wouldn’t be winning too many physical challenges. He played the mental and game portion to the T and I commend him for that. I’m a kindred spirit and wish Todd well.

I am just so thrilled to be able to start my everyday activities again. I can go back to my regular workout schedule and not the sporadic one I’ve been working with since beginning the move. I can come straight home and not have to worry about going to the other place to load, pack or clean. I don’t have to worry about calling places to change my address or let multitudes of people know where they can find me.

It’s a good feeling. And from the great energy I’m feeling from the place, I believe we’ll be here for a long time. The beau and I have had the best energy between us and I’ve actually been able to reach a state of calm that I have not been able to reach for a very long time. My mind has been able to focus and free itself of all outside distractions. It’s been very hard to that with an 8 and 9 year old moping, whining and complaining.

I’m thankful for this place and how it’s changed my life and outlook in such a short amount of time. Alot of times it just proves that it may not be your relationship at odds, just the situation you are in. Make sure to look at all your cards before you play them. ^^