I didn’t want to admit it to myself this past week, but the last couple of days have really made it very obvious…autumn is here to stay.

It’s starting to get colder outside in the mornings and there’s a chill in the air that comes much earlier in the day before nightfall.  Sweaters, jackets, and long pants make regular appearances from their isolation, and our shorts and swimwear go into hibernation.

That “changing of the clothes”is what really made the biggest impact on me.  Today, I made the decision to bring my full assortment of jeans and pants out of their storage place and then filled the void with my shorts.  I left them readily available though… just in case I feel like we’re going to have the odd warm/hot weather day before the cold grasp really takes hold. After I put everything in its place, it dawned on me that I just made an unconscious decision that it was only going to go down from here.

I remember years ago helping with a high school football team, and feeling like it just goes from insanely hot to very cold almost in no time.  It never really felt like there was a tip-toe period.  Instead, it felt like getting pushed into a cold pool straightaway rather than slowly wading yourself into it.

Man, summer seemed to fly by so fast.  The beau and I had thoughts about going to the beach this year and frolicking in the waves and sand, but things just never seemed to coordinate right for that to happen.  We really didn’t even get out to the pool all that often this season either.

We managed to play a few games of tennis and made a few trips to the park to bike and toss the baseball around some.  But not nearly as much as we had hoped.  It’s so odd how life can get in the way of our wants at times.  But overall, it was a good summer.  The beau and I did a lot together considering our schedules and it just leaves more for us to enjoy when the season comes back full circle.

So long summer, see you next time !